Jasna Veličković - sUn

Live recording, Orgel Park
Jasna Veličković, May 13th 2015

sUn [2014]

sUn, a poetic approach towards sound and movement. The physicality of sound is approached through magnetic fields' interaction that is sonically accessible to the viewer through vivid sounds, some times extremely low, some times felt more than heard.

sUn drags us into the magnetic field-scape, using handheld inductors to bring this silent phenomenon into the audible spectrum.

Composition sUn is the first written work created for velicon.

sUn was written in collaboration with Mexican percussionist Diego Espinosa. In the last two years Espinosa developed collaborations with composers living in Amsterdam, Berlin, Montreal, New York, Mexico. These collaborations exemplify how the boundaries of multi percussion performance practice have evolved in unconventional ways, making its inherent visual aspect essential to understand it.

Gaudeamus- Montreal
12 April 2014
performance by Diego Espinosa

Followed performances:
Avaton Festival - Limassol
6 June 2014
performance by Diego Espinosa

Gaudeamus Sessies - Utrecht
22 February 2015
performance by Jasna Veličković

MATA Festival - New York
15 April 2015
performance by Jasna Veličković

Zaal 100 - Amsterdam
29 April 2015
performance by Jasna Veličković

Maison Francaise - New York
12 February 2016
performance by Diego Espinosa

sUn was financially supported by FPK.