Jasna Veličković - Last Song

Last Song [2009/10]

written for percussion quartet Ear Massage
duration 11'

Last Song was written as part of my ongoing investigation into playing percussion instruments without touching them. In this work performers use hand-made electronic devices (coils) which excite kalimbas and mbiras. Kalimbas and mbiras become a resonating body whenever the coil is close, but also body which changes the original material since it's own physicality. Transformation, resonance and personal reading of Richard Strauss’ Last Song Im Abendrot, is the main subject of the piece.

Last Song was awarded a recommendation at the Unesco Rostrum of Composers 2011 and nominated for the Dutch Toonzetters 2011 prize.

First performance:
September 12, 2009 performed by Ear Massage at Gaudeamus Music Week, Amsterdam

Folowed performances:
May 6, 2010 performed by Ear Massage Lustrum, The Hague
May 7, 2010 performed by Ear Massage Lustrum, The Hague
November 1, 2012 performed by Bl!ndman, ISCM World Music Days Festival, Brugge
November 11, 2012 performed by Bl!ndman, Surround! Festival, Brugge
October 5, 2013 performed by Bl!ndman, Cultuurcentrum Ekeren

Last Song was financially supported by the Fund for Performing Arts (FPK).

concert recording Ear Massage May 7 at Korzo theater