Jasna Veličković - Good Bach

Prelude, concert recording by Nada Kolundzija
Biennale Zagreb, April 2007

Good Bach

for piano and CD
4 minutes piece inspired by Ludwig Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

In this work, a recording of Glenn Gould's performance of Prelude and Fugue C major WTK I by J.S.Bach is played while the pianist, interacting with the recording, performs Veličković's composition. For this piece, a statistical method was applied to exactly the same notes as Bach's work, ordering them from the lowest to the highest pitch and thus creating a different logic which deviates from traditional musical styles. Here, Veličković problematises the technique of playing piano as well as the status and function of the piano as an instrument. In this piece particulary the usual "composer-score-performer-sound" chain is altered, as Bach's notes become a set of traces - a pattern in a disembled media and conceptual phenomenology of the work. The listener is confronted with both compositions simultaneously, and in their overlapping, a third one emerges.

"4.115 It will signify what cannot be said, by presenting clearly what can be said."
Ludwig Wittgenstein


Theatrical performance Walking Theory
Natonal Theatre, V floor stage
Belgrade, April 2001 performed by Jasna Veličković

Followed performances:

Belgrade, Mart 31st 2016
performed by Katarina Radovanović

Kastelliotissa Hall
Nicosia, May 19th 2014
performed by Anita Tomasevich

Morelia, August 2nd 2013
performed by Jasna Veličković

Goethe Institut
Amsterdam, Aprl 24th 2013
performed by Jasna Veličković

Guarnerius, Art Center
Belgrade, May 18th 2011
performed by Nada Kolundzija

Music Festival "Contrasts"
Philharmonic Orchestra Hall
Lviv, September 29th 2010
performed by Nada Kolundzija

Music Documents 2010 #8 "Piano Works"
Mon-naka Tenjo Hall
Tokyo, September 25th 2010
performed by Satoko Inoue

Piano Amsterdam - A Different Tune
Geothe Institut
Amsterdam, February 3rd 2008
performed by Dante Boon

Galery Artger, Cultural Center Belgrade
Belgrade, Jun 14th 2007
performed by Nada Kolundzija

International Music Festival Timisoara
Banatul Philharmonic Hall
Timisora, May 22nd 2007
performed by Nada Kolundzija

24. Music Biennale Zagreb, Muzej Mimara
Zagreb, April 28th 2007
performed by Nada Kolundzija

Guarnerius, CLU Jovana Kolundzije
Belgrade, December 23th 2006
performed by Nada Kolundzija

International Festival Composers in First Person
Student Cultural Center Main Hall
Belgrade, September 17th 2004
performed by Nada Kolundzija

KCLab@Korzo, Korzo Theater
The Hague, January 24th 2002
performed by Jasna Veličković

Theatrical performance TkH Inversion
INFANT 2001, Novi Sad Cultural Centre
Novi Sad, Jun 2001
performed by Jasna Veličković