Jasna Veličković - Dracula Project

Dracula Project [2002]

Film: Siniša Ilić and Bojan Djordjev
Music composed by: Jasna Veličković
Duration 12 minutes
Production: Theater des Augenblicks, Vienna, The Royal Conservatory Den Haag, THK Centar, Beograd, ART Televizija, Belgrade BELEF 2003

Sonud derives from the recorded/manipulated interview with composer Clarence Barlow by Jasna Veličković, amplified walls and destorted sound samples originated from Jasna Veličković music.

Video movie Transylvania represents the first act of the large performance project entitled The Dracula Project, produced and performed in Vienna and Lion in 2002/3. Transylvania was shot at night, “from the hand”, in the night-shot manner, with almost no conditions for shooting, with the screen being black most of the time. The film resembling the negative is an homage to the first screening of the novel Dracula in the film Nosferatu, by Friedrich Murnau. In this film the scene of arrival of Jonathan Harker to Transylvania is being inserted and edited in the negative – which produced an uncomfortable feeling, (Freud would say Unheimlich) the same feeling appearing at the moment of arrival to Transylvania, the subconscience of Europe.