Jasna Veličković - Sputnik

Sputnik [2006]

written for Debora Richards and Nada Kolundzija
(two quarter-tone apart pianos)
duration: 11'
Sputnik (the Russian word for ‘companion’) was the first artificial satellite within the ‘Sputnik program’ which orbited the Earth. Sputnik 1 was launched in 1957 and it was flying around the Earth for three months. The ideological background of Sputnik’s history is connected with the cold war crisis. The American officials’ belief in the superiority of American space explorations was deeply shattered by the successful and surprising Sputnik mission. The launch shocked the American public and led to the ‘Sputnik crisis’, which in turn caused the intensification of the world’s super-powers’ space race. One of the important aspects of space exploration is the research of the possibilities of living organisms’s survival off the planet Earth.
premiered November 24, 2008
performed by Debora Richards and Nada Kolundzija
International Review of Composers, Belgrade

concert recording November 24, 2008 part II (midi) | part III | part IV-V